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Who is Got Bamboo
GotBamboo has been established for over ten years servicing residential and commercial properties afflicted with bamboo plants on Long Island.

Gotbamboo is the only company on Long Island with an unconditional One Year Warranty at no additional cost to the client. If bamboo returns within that time we remove the plants free of charge. Gotbamboo has the expertise, men and equipment to get your job done.

Bamboo plants are invasive and grow quickly. In most cases bamboo will return within 30 days if not completely removed. Within 90 days bamboo either returns or is completely gone. We stand by our service guarantees

Bamboo Lowers Property Values
We work with real estate firms and prepare site analysis reports for the buyer and seller. The buyer’s reports are compiled to assist in lowering the seller’s asking price. This is achieved by finding issues with the property that could cost the buyer additional funds after the sale. One of the issues is bamboo, which reduces property values. A buyer does not want to cope with bamboo. Buyers either request a price reduction, which is usually higher than the cost of removing bamboo, or they just walk away from the listing.

The problem with bamboo is that most varieties found in the US are “running bamboo” that are very difficult to control. Bamboo is actually a grass, not a tree, and its roots consist of rhizomes which spread horizontally through the soil at a rapid pace. Once established, bamboo is almost impossible for the non-professional to eradicate and can take over a yard in just a few years.

Because bamboo does not respect property lines it can easily spread to neighboring yards. In addition bamboo roots can be very damaging to sidewalks, established plantings and trees, pools, patios, decks, driveways and even foundations. There is absolutely no reason to plant bamboo in your yard. An educated consumer will shy away from buying a home when bamboo is present. If you have bamboo in your yard and are thinking of selling your home, it is a good idea for you to start working on getting rid of the bamboo by our professional service.

You might put your home on the market in the hopes that you will find a buyer that does not care or is poorly informed about bamboo. However, be warned that real estate agents are themselves becoming more informed about invasive plants such as bamboo. Simply put, these days the presence of bamboo around your home (even if it is in your neighbor’s yard) is a “red flag” and can greatly affect the value of your home. Homeowners spend thousands of dollars on kitchens, bathrooms and other amenities to increase the home’s value but ignore the bamboo issue. The existence of bamboo can negatively affect the selling price. After the sale the bamboo is the buyer’s problem, no longer the seller’s. The town will eventually get involved, issue a violation and take legal action based on their town or village codes.

We understand your concerns about the project and costs. Bamboo can only be removed and controlled the “Right Way”. All our work is conducted as per Industry Standards and compliant with Town/Village Ordnances, Laws and Codes.

The aggressive and invasive nature of bamboo can make it undesirable to many homeowners. Once established, bamboos create a strong and complex network of plants making the emergence of new culms unpredictable. Cutting the shoots and culms at ground level will not suffice for effective bamboo removal. Rhizomes will continue to migrate (travel) underground in search of new territory to colonize. The entire rhizome system should be removed or destroyed to completely stop the emergence of new shoots.

Bamboo removal is a labor intensive process that involves the removal of the visible plants and as many rhizomes under the soil as possible. Reasons for removal usually involve stands or groves that were not planted correctly with a barrier, where the barrier has failed, or where the bamboo has not been maintained or has become invasive to neighbors or other areas of your garden.

When bamboo is ignored and left to grow uncontrolled it can create issues between neighbors. Many towns have enacted ordinances against bamboo, requiring that it is contained or removed. Unfortunately these ordinances are driven by a lack of maintenance and poor management. Many ordinances also vary greatly in wording, with some being so restrictive that their wording deserves further review.

Our Mission
Our mission is to constantly exceed each customer’s expectations while working and communicating with them to provide a smooth transition of work, assuring quality, craftsmanship and professionalism.

Bamboo Removal Services
Cut down existing bamboo stalks and remove roots systems
Restore property to a livable family friendly environment
Install a bamboo barrier and eliminate future root growth
Improve your property with our “Property Restoration Program”
Erosion Control and Hydroseeding Services 

Is the Town Involved?
We will meet with town officials to resolve the issues quickly preventing town imposed fines and involvement. Whether the bamboo started with your neighbor’s or your property, we can resolve all issues. If you have received a violation we will supply a Compliance Report so you can send to the town and have the violation removed.

It’s time to take control of your property again
Don’t allow bamboo, your neighbors or town officials to control your life Investing in bamboo removal will make your property and life harmonious again

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