Forestry mulching is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to cut, grind, and clear vegetative growth. The unit uses a rotary drum equipped with a steel chipper “teeth” to remove and shred trees, brush and heavy vegetation. The mulch is simultaneously distributed over the cutting area, reducing erosion and vegetative regrowth while leaving a natural, forest-like environment. Forestry mulching is used for land clearing, right of way clearing and maintenance, wildfire prevention, overgrown and heavy brush management, invasive species control and wildlife conservation and restoration.

Forestry mulching is unlike other land clearing processes in that it can be done with a single machine. This rugged mulching head processes trees, up to 8 inches diameter, and other brush for effective land clearing results. Unlike other land clearing methods, forestry mulching leaves no brush or burn piles and eliminates damage to the retained trees. With a thick layer of mulch, the topsoil layer is protected from erosion and as the mulch decomposes, the topsoil will be replenished.

We can efficiently clear land at costs up to half, with no hauling or burning with our forestry mulcher. This commercial machine is capable of mulching entire standing or downed trees and vegetation leaving the grinding as a “mat” on the forest floor.

The benefits of mulching are costs, fast land clearing, reduces the need for permits or fencing, keeps the tree roots in place to maintain soil structure, no brush or tree piles to remove or burn, slow vegetative regrowth, controls erosion and maintains a natural forest appeal.